TouchOSC for iPad


TouchOSC is an app that turns your iPad into a modular control surface.  It uses Open Sound Control (OSC) to communicate with compatible DAW’s and software via WIFI.


Setting up the app can be a bit tricky, but they do have some documentation and installation help available.  Once installed, you have complete control over the program you’re communicating with.    For example, when synced to a DAW, you can adjust track levels, inserts and effects, pan information and much more.


You can create custom layouts based on the software you’re controlling and it comes with additional layouts that are optimized for certain types of use (mixing, drum sequencing, etc.).


TouchOSC is a great app for getting more musical real estate out of your iPad.   Whether it be as an edition to your home studio or as a live performance tool for DJing, this is a great app worth owning.


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