StudioTrack for iPad


StudioTrack is a multi-track recorder and mixer for your iPad.  It allows you to record and import audio files that can then be mixed using its on board effects processors.  You’ll get a Compressor, Parametric EQ, Tempo-synced Delay, and Reverb available for each track.  StudioTrack allows for a maximum of 8 tracks with a flexible ‘bounce’ feature to consolidate certain tracks and create more track space within the app.  An audio pasteboard feature is cool as it makes this app compatible with over 70 other apps.  Also, WIFI sync allows you to import any mix or individual track to a computer, which is always nice.


Potentially you could record into StudioTrack using your iPad microphone, which would be okay if you were just laying down a quick idea like a simple guitar riff, but I wouldn’t expect to get great recording results.  Your best bet would be to get an iMic or Guitar Jack depending on what you’re recording.  Supposedly, a future StudioTrack update is going to contain some modeled guitar amps and effects, which would give the app a big boost in terms of functionality.


There are several things this app is missing like an arrangement view for laying out and looping arrangements.  It also needs a ‘bounce to MP3’ feature for easier file sharing online, amongst other things.


Where StudioTrack shines is in the area of effects processors.  I really like that you get a Compressor/ Limiter and Parametric EQ to fatten up your mixes.  However, with no arrangement view, no virtual instruments, and a hefty price tag ($20) this app is a questionable purchase.  Hopefully the soon-to-come guitar effects and amps are really good making Studio Track well worth the money.



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