SampleTank Comes To iPad


I first bought SampleTank (the desktop version) about 3 years ago.  It was a solid workstation back then, so I was excited to hear it was making its way into iOS.  After getting some experience with the app, what stood out the most are the quality of the sounds and the amount of sounds it comes with.  You’ll get 136 instruments with the opportunity to expand with additional purchases.  These expansions are reasonably priced at $4.99 and compliment the program nicely.



You can choose from over sixteen instrument categories, which is a rarity for an iOS workstation, and you also get hundreds of melodic and rhythmic templates to get help you get a groove started in any situation.  Export your work via iTunes or email.


The only considerable flaw in SampleTank is the 4 track recorder.  Four tracks doesn’t give you much to work with and the app alone cost $19.99.  Hopefully an update will bring us more tracks, but nonetheless, this is still a cool app worth checking out.  The quality of the sounds alone are worth the money.


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  • phil says:

    awesome.. I also used to run sample tank on the desktop, but am off to app store for use on my iPad.. lets face it we all want to play in a band.. at the myJazz club we build jazz piano lessons for the iPad with backing tracks to play with the band.. I can’t wait to add the sample tank instruments

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