Rockmate for iPad


Rockmate is a unique audio scratchpad that allows several people to play the app’s  on board instruments at the same time.  This means I can play the keys, you can hop on the drums and Freddy can play some rhythm guitar for us all at once.   Try wrapping your head around an iPad rock band that only uses 1 iPad…


Rockmate is the only iOS software (that I’ve came across) to incorporate a functional platform for multiple users.  Being able to work with a fellow music maker on a project has never been so easy and I would say this app is great for touring rock bands.


FingerLab (the developers) boast up to four players at once, but expect some tight quarters.  While the app is meant to handle several players, the iPad is not.  You can do two players at a time fairly comfortably though.  If you’re in a band that tours a lot you could make good use of this app in generating song ideas.  You might not spend a lot of time huddled around playing the app together, but it’s the type of thing I could see passing around the van while on the road.



Rockmate is easy on the eyes, responds well to touch, and gives you the ability to record.  It’s also on sale until December 21st for $.99 making it an absolute steal.


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