Rhythm Studio for iPad


Rhythm Studio is an electronic music production app for your iPad.  It houses a 4-track recorder alongside a collection of vintage synthesizers and drum machines.  All of the app’s virtual instruments and processors aim for that ‘hardware’ feel and simplicity; one knob controls one parameter.


You can create music by using the Pattern Sequencer, the Control Pad, or the (random) Pattern Generator.  Other notable features like WIST support, audio copy/paste, and song sharing via Bluetooth make this more of a complete production app.  It also comes with a decent catalog of effects and is on sale ($1) for a limited time.


The downside to this is app is its limited 4-track recorder.  If your just sketching out some quick musical ideas then four tracks is probably fine, but otherwise that isn’t a lot to work with.  The developers keep bringing steady updates, so it’s likely we’ll see more and more improvements in the future.


If you’re looking to make some electronic tunes then definitely check out Rhythm Studio.  It’s a well-rounded music production app.


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