Recorder Master by Joy Tunes

Recorder Master is a musical video game for you iPad2.  It uses a plastic flute as a controller for interacting with the game.  You have 30 levels to work through; each level presents its own challenge.  The game is designed to teach you different skill sets like improving rhythm timing and ear training.


Recorder Master is definitely geared toward kids.  Its cartoonist interface and educational components make this the perfect app for getting your kids excited about playing music.   Explore a world full of obstacles and challenges as you learn to play the recorder.  You will need to own/purchase a recorder, but did I mention the app was free?


Joy Tunes has created a wonderful environment for learning the fundamental basics of musicianship.  Recorder Master is a fun, educational app that your kids will love.


5 Responses to Recorder Master by Joy Tunes

  • John says:

    Great post.
    Fun to see music education apps becoming more popular.

  • Liam says:

    Thank you for the post.
    This app is the best I’ve seen in years. My boys (and their friends, and their school’s music teacher…) are completely into it. Why, it’s almost addictive (in the positive way, that is).
    Great recommendation!

  • Showtime says:

    Finally something worth playing over my iPad… Does it work on other instruments too?

  • Hi everyone,

    I’m the content director of JoyTunes (we created Recorder Master).
    Thanks for your kind words.

    Regarding other instruments – we just came out with a brand new App that is activated by playing your own piano, keyboard or by touch. It’s called Piano Dust Buster (because you use it to dust off your old piano…). Check it out – It’s free!

    Tell me what you think!

    Yigal Kaminka

  • Theresa says:

    This looks like so much fun. last school year, my third graders began playing recorders by rote. This year they need to play by reading notation. Please tell me how to obtain the program for my school and our 20 IPad mobile lab.

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