Newzik HD for iPad


Newzik HD (formally known as SyncSing HD) is a mobile song and notation book.  It gives you the ability to store lyrics, chord progressions, various files and more.   You can organize comprehensive playlists and the app’s synch-able capabilities are a major plus for bands with multiple iPads.  With one iPad set as a master and other iPads synced to it, everybody can stay on the same page.  This makes it great for learning new material.


Other notable features include: synchronized scrolling of scores, karaoke mode, and being able to change pages by the tap of your foot (in case you don’t have hands available).


We’ve heard of a few instability issues, but did we mention the app is free?


If you’re looking for a way to organize a database of songs, with intricate details about those songs, then take a look at Newzik HD for iPad.

2 Responses to Newzik HD for iPad

  • Björn says:

    Hey! This app seems great! I downloaded it since I want to use the karaoke mode for backing tracks.. I don’t like using backin tracks.. So I thought it would have been great to have them all like a kakaoke-song with my backing track as the song.. and then scrolling chpords and lyrics.. SO that I don’t really have to do anything but sing along and play.. for use on weddings an stuff when the acoustic set is just not enough to get people dancing..

    Anyways.. The karaoke-mode is great but as soon as it’s uploaded to the server, and then renewed from the main manu, then the song I’ve just synced is no longer synced.. the words start instantly instead.. So what could have been so great and unique is just not so until this is fixed.. and I think it’s an awsome app.. that it’s free makes it ever greater.. BUT I would be happy to pay for it if they did came to solve this issue.. (I’ve tried mailing them, but didn’t get any answer..) It seems like the app has not been updated since middle of 2011.. so I guess they’re not fixing bugs for it anymore?

  • Chris says:

    I have the same issue with the lost sync, …not so until this is fix 🙁

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