Meteor for iPad


Meteor is a multi-track workstation for the the iPad.  It gives you the ability to record and mix up to 12 tracks.  It houses a rich collection of features like importing and exporting MIDI files, Pasteboard support,  sample importing, effects processing and more.


Meteor has a lot to offer, but with that comes a sizable price tag.  The basic app starts at $20.  To get the most out of it, you’ll want to purchase some of the key add-ons like the Virtual Instruments Bundle ($15) and the MIDI editor plug in ($8).  Throw in a couple of extra effects and that will put you up around the $50 mark.


To a serious music professional, spending $50 is next to nothing for a solid music production platform.  However, we’d consider it somewhat pricey for anybody outside of that scope.  It’s definitely well worth the money in the right situation.


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