Beatsurfing for iPad


Tired of conventional MIDI controllers?  Looking for more abstract ways to create music?  Beatsurfing just might be the app you’re looking for.  It allows you to build your own customized MIDI controller directly within your iPad.  You have complete control over what goes where and how much space that particular object occupies.  Shapes like circles, lines, polygons and more can be drawn in and assigned to trigger various sets of sounds.  In depth control of Object Behavior allows groups of sounds to react in very specific manners within relation to each other.


You can link BeatSurfing to any MIDI compatible device, whether it be software or hardware, giving you lots of flexibility.  It works great with Logic Pro and we’re sure it works well with other DAW’s.  It’s also worth mentioning that the app responds to touch very well.


There’s a bit of a learning curve involved with Beatsurfing, but those who stick with it are highly rewarded for their efforts.  This is a really neat app that we’d encourage any iPad music maker to check out.



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