Newzik HD for iPad


Newzik HD (formally known as SyncSing HD) is a mobile song and notation book.  It gives you the ability to store lyrics, chord progressions, various files and more.   You can organize comprehensive playlists and the app’s synch-able capabilities are a major plus for bands with multiple iPads.  With one iPad set as a master and other iPads synced to it, everybody can stay on the same page.  This makes it great for learning new material.


Other notable features include: synchronized scrolling of scores, karaoke mode, and being able to change pages by the tap of your foot (in case you don’t have hands available).


We’ve heard of a few instability issues, but did we mention the app is free?


If you’re looking for a way to organize a database of songs, with intricate details about those songs, then take a look at Newzik HD for iPad.