Rhythm Studio for iPad


Rhythm Studio is an electronic music production app for your iPad.  It houses a 4-track recorder alongside a collection of vintage synthesizers and drum machines.  All of the app’s virtual instruments and processors aim for that ‘hardware’ feel and simplicity; one knob controls one parameter.

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Sound Cells for iPad


Sound Cells is a music generation app for the iPad (iPhone and iPad Touch as well).   The interface comes laid out on a matrix grid that allows you to create moving cells that interact with each other and the surrounding environment to create sound.  Once an active cell is made it begins to move throughout the matrix grid and then you can add other cells in real time to generate melodic sequences.  The sound is essentially created by the cells crashing into the exterior matrix walls.

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iSequence for iPad

iSequence is a music workstation for you iPad.  The program gives you 8 tracks to work with (but you can layer multiple sounds on 1 track), 160 virtual instruments, a mixer with effects and automation capabilities, a sampler, and a step sequencer – not bad for $14.99.

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