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Impaktor is an amazing new app for iOS.  The video shows the app being used on an iPhone, but it’s also available for the iPad and iPod Touch.  Impaktor allows you to turn any flat surface into a percussion instrument. What’s surprising is how well it actually works.


It comes with over 90 presets and latency is a non-issue.  It has a 6 track recorder and some nice modulation parameters.  The Auto-Quantize feature makes you sound a lot better than you probably are.  It also supports audio copy/paste and allows you to export WAV files.


At $5, this app is an absolute steal.  Be sure to check out Impaktor when you can!



iTrack Solo for iPad


iTrack Solo provides iOS users with a high quality recording experience.  Essentially, it’s a two channel audio interface that connects to your iPad.  It’s also compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, which allows you to get some extra bang for your buck.


The built-in preamp is where the quality comes from.  It’s the same preamp Focusrite uses in their Saffire and Scarlett interfaces.

Direct Monitoring is a neat function that helps you avoid any latency problems.  It allows your audio signal to bypass your iPad and run directly to your speakers or headphones while recording.


The outer casing is solid, and the unit as a whole, is well constructed.  iTrack Solo retails for about $159 (this could change based on the retailer).  If you’re looking for a high quality recording experience for iOS, then take a look at iTrack Solo.


StompBox for iPad

iPad Screenshot 1iPad Screenshot 2

StompBox is a digital effects unit for the iPad.  It comes with a whole slew of effects ranging from delay to pitch shifting.  You’ll also get 7 different types of distortion for creating those extra grimy tones.  The 4 track recorder is ideal for looping backing tracks and you can easily sort through presets using your feet (in the event that your hands aren’t available).


While StomBox is clearly geared toward acoustic and electric guitar, it’s also very effective for bass – delivering clean, bold tones. The user interface is easy on the eyes and responds to touch well.


There have been some instability issues, but we’re confident that 4Pockets (the developer) will iron out those wrinkles.  If you need some quality effects processors, this isn’t a bad way to go.

Voxkit for iPad


Voxkit is a MIDI drum controller for the iPad.  The thing that makes Voxkit different is the ability to trigger notes by sound.  You can assign a certain drum sound to trigger when you clap your hands, bang on a table, etc.


Let’s say for example, you are a drummer and you want to lay down a snare roll for your groove.  Assign your snare to be triggered when you tap your drum stick on a desk surface.  Then, record enable Voxkit and start tapping out your snare roll.  Voxkit will recognize it, translate it to MIDI data and add it to your existing groove.


Voxkit also has standard drum pads you can use, but its uniqueness lies in its ability to let you trigger notes in more abstract ways.  This is a cool app worth taking a look at – especially for the price ($1).  Be sure to check it out.



iMaschine for iPad


iMaschine is a beat making app developed by Native Instruments.  It’s an iOS emulation of Maschine, which is a popular groove production suite.  The app comes with 25 kits and over 400 individual samples.  Lay down beats using velocity sensitive drum pads and various effects.  You can also record your own samples directly within iMaschine.  Continue reading

SampleTank Comes To iPad


I first bought SampleTank (the desktop version) about 3 years ago.  It was a solid workstation back then, so I was excited to hear it was making its way into iOS.  After getting some experience with the app, what stood out the most are the quality of the sounds and the amount of sounds it comes with.  You’ll get 136 instruments with the opportunity to expand with additional purchases.  These expansions are reasonably priced at $4.99 and compliment the program nicely.

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OMGuitar for iPad


OMGuitar is a cool guitar synthesizer for your iPad.  It comes with 3 electric guitars, 3 acoustic guitars, and 10 on-board effects.  Some of the effects include Distortion, Compression, Reverb, Delay, Wah Wah, Vowel Filter and EQ.  You also get access to hundreds of chords with a ‘quick chord’ section on the UI that allows you to load up several chords for instant access.

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Ratatap Drums for iPad


Ratatap Drums is a free beat making app for your iPad.  It boasts 10 drum kits and lots of great sounds.  I recommend upgrading to Ratatap Pro via in app purchase for $2, which will give you the ability to edit drum size, appearance, and location.  You can also add reverb, and tuning to your drum sounds in the Pro version.

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Rockmate for iPad


Rockmate is a unique audio scratchpad that allows several people to play the app’s  on board instruments at the same time.  This means I can play the keys, you can hop on the drums and Freddy can play some rhythm guitar for us all at once.   Try wrapping your head around an iPad rock band that only uses 1 iPad…

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NanoStudio for iPad


NanoStudio became known for its success on the iPhone as being one of the best music making apps in 2010, but the iPad makes even better use of this software because of a bigger screen.  There are a lot of reasons why this feature-laden program is a special one.  First and foremost, the depth of NanoStudio, makes it one of the most complete iOS production app’s available.

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