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Guitar World Lick Of The Day


Guitar World Lick Of The Day is an educational guitar app designed for guitarist looking to improve their skills.  It provides you with daily challenges, lessons, and instructions from world class guitar players to help take your abilities to the next level.

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Classical Guitar for iPad

Introducing Classical Guitar – a cool virtual guitar for the iPad. Not only is it an effective learning tool but it also makes playing a breeze.  By holding your iPad much like you would a guitar you can strum or pluck strings with one hand and trigger chords with another hand.  This app also has functions similar to that of Garageband’s Smart Guitars – when you’re dialed into a certain key it’s impossible to play a bad note.  A person with little musical ability can play a decent nylon string guitar with Classical Guitar.  It also supports left hand players – for those of you who are worried.  Did I mention the app is free?

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