Auria for iPad

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Auria is a 48 track recording system for the iPad.  Currently, it’s the most feature-laden iOS DAW we’ve reviewed.  It houses an extensive catalog of effects and processors (ranging from Reverb to pitch correction) and also allows you to record up to 24 tracks simultaneously.  AAF import and export lets you transfer complete sessions between popular DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic and more.


Another cool feature is the incorporation of 3rd party plugins from plugin gurus like PSPaudioware, Overloud, Fab Filter and Drumagog.  These extra processors are available via app store purchase and range from $5 to $30.


The kicker for Auria is the hefty price tag.  At $50, it’s easily considered a very expensive iOS DAW.  If that doesn’t scare you away, then this app is definitely worth taking a look at.  What we really like about Auria is that it’s clearly geared toward serious music makers looking to get professional use out of their iPad.


StudioTrack for iPad


StudioTrack is a multi-track recorder and mixer for your iPad.  It allows you to record and import audio files that can then be mixed using its on board effects processors.  You’ll get a Compressor, Parametric EQ, Tempo-synced Delay, and Reverb available for each track.  StudioTrack allows for a maximum of 8 tracks with a flexible ‘bounce’ feature to consolidate certain tracks and create more track space within the app.  An audio pasteboard feature is cool as it makes this app compatible with over 70 other apps.  Also, WIFI sync allows you to import any mix or individual track to a computer, which is always nice.

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Studio Mini XL for iPad


Studio Mini XL is an 8 track recording studio for your iPad.  It is the bigger brother of Studio Mini, which is virtually the same other than being a 4 track recorder with a slightly cheaper price tag.  The XL version comes with a host of useful features like a ‘count in’ function for recording, the ability to import and export 16 bit / 44.1 kHz WAVE files, a drum loop section with 70+ drum loops spanning a wide range of musical genres,  the ability to monitor your input levels while recording, latency compensation, audio sync, iTunes file sharing, WIFI sync and more.  The app’s Notes section also allows you to input, organize, and keep track of lyric ideas, which is great when you get that sudden inspiration for an awesome idea.

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