MadPad for iPad


MadPad is a unique remixing tool for your iPad.  It gives you the ability to record short audio/video snippets and generate thumbnails for each of them.  The thumbnail’s then act as trigger pads for triggering the different snippets you’ve recorded.  You can then shuffle and replay this collection of recorded segments in any order you want.

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Seline Ultimate for iPad


Seline Ultimate is a music app for your iPad.  It is the successor of Seline HD, which was already a solid app.  It comes with 30 factory instruments, 8 drum loops, 6 drones, and the ability to expand this library via app store.


A drone is a pad that automatically creates a backing track for your melody.  Record your creations to .WAV/MIDI/.M4A file formats.  Onboard effects include: Stereo Reverb, Dub Delay , Lush Chorus, Grit Crusher, and MeloDist, which is a singing distortion processor. Continue reading

Recorder Master by Joy Tunes

Recorder Master is a musical video game for you iPad2.  It uses a plastic flute as a controller for interacting with the game.  You have 30 levels to work through; each level presents its own challenge.  The game is designed to teach you different skill sets like improving rhythm timing and ear training.

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Rhythm Studio for iPad


Rhythm Studio is an electronic music production app for your iPad.  It houses a 4-track recorder alongside a collection of vintage synthesizers and drum machines.  All of the app’s virtual instruments and processors aim for that ‘hardware’ feel and simplicity; one knob controls one parameter.

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NLog Synth Pro for iPad


NLog Synth Pro is a virtual synthesizer for your iPad.  Its most noted for its quality sound bank and flexibility.  With 224 presets, core MIDI support, virtual MIDI, and WIST compatibility, this app is a strong contender for Korg’s IMS-20.  Four oscillators with twenty waveforms give you extensive sound editing and design capabilities.  Add that to a long list of effects like frequency modulation, ring modulation, filters, LFO’s, envelopes, chorus, flanger, distortion, reverb, EQ, and you have a powerful virtual synthesizer at your finger tips.

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Xewton Music Studio 2 for iPad


Music Studio 2 is a complete production suite for your iPad.  One of things I like most about this app is its sound selection.  The sounds are extremely versatile and Hip Hop friendly, which isn’t always a common occurrence in the iOS music making world.


Music Studio 2 expands what was already an extremely powerful production environment.  Things like microphone recording, audio tracks, 127-track sequencer, and audio copy/paste functions only sweeten this deal.  The app comes with 100 drum loops, 65 built-in instruments and the ability to purchase additional instruments in the app store.


Detailed editing allows you to tweak anything from individual tracks to individual MIDI notes.  Transfer your files to your computer via iTunes.


Music Studio 2 offers support for CoreMIDI (in and out), Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer, Akai SynthStation 25, iRig, iRig Mic, iRig MIDI, Ampkit Link, Apogee Jam, Blue Mikey, Alesis IO Dock and iConnectMIDI.


This is a quality app for a serious music maker.  It has all of the components of a Major DAW and is arguably one of the most well-rounded we’ve seen.  Be sure to check out Music Studio 2!


Introducing the Akai MPC Fly


The Akai MPC Fly is an integrative beat controller for your iPad 2.  It works hand in hand with Akai’s MPC app to bring you a complete production experience.  Those of you that like the classic workflow of an MPC drum machine will appreciate this hardware the most. If you do a lot of traveling with your iPad  you will definitely make use of the protective casing that the MPC Fly provides as well.

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Rockmate for iPad


Rockmate is a unique audio scratchpad that allows several people to play the app’s  on board instruments at the same time.  This means I can play the keys, you can hop on the drums and Freddy can play some rhythm guitar for us all at once.   Try wrapping your head around an iPad rock band that only uses 1 iPad…

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