Studio Mini XL for iPad


Studio Mini XL is an 8 track recording studio for your iPad.  It is the bigger brother of Studio Mini, which is virtually the same other than being a 4 track recorder with a slightly cheaper price tag.  The XL version comes with a host of useful features like a ‘count in’ function for recording, the ability to import and export 16 bit / 44.1 kHz WAVE files, a drum loop section with 70+ drum loops spanning a wide range of musical genres,  the ability to monitor your input levels while recording, latency compensation, audio sync, iTunes file sharing, WIFI sync and more.  The app’s Notes section also allows you to input, organize, and keep track of lyric ideas, which is great when you get that sudden inspiration for an awesome idea.


Studio Mini XL is a solid recording platform, but I would like to see some quality processors and effects like Chorus, Delay, Compression, Reverb, etc..  Without some great processors I would hardly say that you can get a professional mix out of this app and to hang with the big dogs like Garageband and FL Studio Mobile HD, it will need to incorporate some virtual instruments to make it more complete.


Studio Mini XL is ideal for musicians or bands looking to record ideas on the fly.  If I was in a band that was going on tour, I would definitely want this app.  We could record lots of simple song ideas between shows, on long road trips and then expand upon them once we get back in the studio.


Studio Mini XL is a quality app worth the money ($9.99) and future updates are sure to make the software a better all around package.

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