SpeakerAngle for iPad

For studio engineers, speaker setup and placement is extremely important.  It can mean the difference in a quality mix.  With that in mind, Genelec has developed an app to aid you in the process.  SpeakerAngle for iPad assists you in monitor and surround sound setups for optimal performance.


SpeakerAngle works by setting your iPad on top of your speakers.  You designate a straight forward position, and then the app guides you within industry recommendations – eventually getting your speakers matched in angling.


This is a neat app for engineers that travel and work in many different locations.  If you’re ever working in a new spot and something sounds off, you could start by using SpeakerAngle to evaluate the monitor setup.  If something isn’t right, you can tweak it and get back to work.


For $1, SpeakerAngle is worth checking out.

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