NanoStudio for iPad


NanoStudio became known for its success on the iPhone as being one of the best music making apps in 2010, but the iPad makes even better use of this software because of a bigger screen.  There are a lot of reasons why this feature-laden program is a special one.  First and foremost, the depth of NanoStudio, makes it one of the most complete iOS production app’s available.


It comes with a decent catalog of processors and sounds and gives you the ability to work with a maximum of 16 tracks if you purchase the app store upgrade.  You can import your own samples and manipulate them.  You’ll get a sequencer, a mixer, a performance drum pad, a synth engine, a piano roll and extensive exporting capabilities.  Export final mixes or tracked out elements directly to your computer using Nanosync.  The app supports MIDI, allows you upload your work directly to Sound Cloud, has undo/redo options, and an intuitive audio copy and paste feature.


If you don’t own this app and you’re serious about making music on your iPad you need to get it.  It’s impressive and worth the $15 price tag.  I also recommend you purchase the 16 track upgrade.  Ten extra tracks go a long way.


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