Impaktor is an amazing new app for iOS.  The video shows the app being used on an iPhone, but it’s also available for the iPad and iPod Touch.  Impaktor allows you to turn any flat surface into a percussion instrument. What’s surprising is how well it actually works.


It comes with over 90 presets and latency is a non-issue.  It has a 6 track recorder and some nice modulation parameters.  The Auto-Quantize feature makes you sound a lot better than you probably are.  It also supports audio copy/paste and allows you to export WAV files.


At $5, this app is an absolute steal.  Be sure to check out Impaktor when you can!



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    This is my TOP lists of applications for music production on iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac and even Android. I have all these apps and use them at my live performances and in studio. I very often update this lists and I shall add new categories. At the moment I have tested more than 90% of all worthy music apps in AppStore and I track an output new.

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