Geo Synthesizer


The Geo Synthesizer is a collaborative creation from several noteworthy names in the iOS music world.  The ever popular Jordan Rudess and Kevin Chartier of Wizdom Music and Rob Fielding who gain a reputable name with development of the app Mugician.  These three powerhouses came together to create the Geo Synthesizer – a revolutionary synth for the iPad.


The first thing that caught my eye about this app was the weird interface for triggering sound creation.  At first it looks a bit like the inside of an alien spaceship, but after playing with it and gaining some understanding of the concept, I’d have to say that the lay out works quite well.



If you are a guitar player and tired of the same old piano roll or step sequencer that typically accompanies these type of apps then you are in luck as this interface is much more user friendly for guitar players.  The Geo Synthesizer is also a MIDI controller able to work with both virtual and external MIDI outlets, which make it an even bigger asset for a traditional guitar player.


The stock sounds / presets are pretty good for iOS standards and the quality of these sounds are what make this software more of a professional application rather than just being a cool toy like MorphWiz.


The Geo Synthesizer is a neat app with a unique perspective on sound creation.  It’s the type of thing we have come to expect from heavy hitters like Wizdom Music and Rob Fielding.  There are some subtle improvements that will undoubtedly be made in future updates, but all in all, this is an app worth the price tag ($9.99)



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