SynthTronica for iPad


SynthTronica is a unique, spectral synthesizer for the iPad.  It comes with 90+ presets (including vocal/vocoder effects) and the ability to create your own.  It’s formant synthesis allows the filters to use time-varying  formants that can be edited and viewed in spectral form.

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Seline Ultimate for iPad


Seline Ultimate is a music app for your iPad.  It is the successor of Seline HD, which was already a solid app.  It comes with 30 factory instruments, 8 drum loops, 6 drones, and the ability to expand this library via app store.


A drone is a pad that automatically creates a backing track for your melody.  Record your creations to .WAV/MIDI/.M4A file formats.  Onboard effects include: Stereo Reverb, Dub Delay , Lush Chorus, Grit Crusher, and MeloDist, which is a singing distortion processor. Continue reading

Two Iona College Students release iTrax


iTrax is an iPad app that allows you to create a song library of your favorite songs and only plays your favorite parts of those songs.  If you like a particular song, but don’t like a particular verse, you can use iTrax to skip past it.

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bleep!Box for iPad



bleep!Box is a music production suite for your iPad.  It’s comes housed with a sequencer, a synthesizer, and a drum machine.  It’s noted for its quality sounds, which is rare in the world of iOS.  I would say that the sounds are more tailored to the modern electronic producer than say a Hip Hop producer, but Hip-Hop-heads looking to create some quirky tunes will enjoy this app.

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Morphwiz for iPad


Developed by Jordan Rudess of Wizdom Music, Morphwiz ($10) offers a unique approach to sound creation and performance. Notes are represented by a series of vertical lines and you play the instrument by touching or sliding your fingers across them – much like a Continuum Fingerboard.

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Decoded by Jay-Z for iPad


Decoded is unique and unlike most of the apps we cover on our site. It’s an interactive experience that centers around the life of famous Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z. Get access to Jay’s greatest hits, interactive lyrics with his own thoughts and side notes, never seen before video footage and frequent updates of Jay’s latest moves.

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