iPad Music Utilities

Introducing the Akai MPC Fly


The Akai MPC Fly is an integrative beat controller for your iPad 2.  It works hand in hand with Akai’s MPC app to bring you a complete production experience.  Those of you that like the classic workflow of an MPC drum machine will appreciate this hardware the most. If you do a lot of traveling with your iPad  you will definitely make use of the protective casing that the MPC Fly provides as well.

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iSequence for iPad


iSequence is a beat making app for your iPad. It has an 8-track sequencer, on board effects, and 160 instruments to choose from. Instruments range from a collection of acoustic kits to leads, pads, and more. You can also expand your sound library via the app store with additional sound sets for $1.99. Available effects include Filter, Reverb, Flanger, Delay, Ring Modulator, Equalizer, LO-FI crusher, live looper, Distortion.

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iKlip for iPad


iKlip is a microphone stand adapter for your iPad.  It gives you the ability to attach your iPad to your mic stand for optimal viewing.  This is ideal for someone looking to use their iPad in live performance situations. With iKlip you can maximize your ability to do things like play an instrument and work with your iPad simultaneously.  It is lightweight but well constructed and the ergonomic, multi-angle design allows you to get your iPad in the perfect position.

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Notion for iPad


Notion is a musical scoring and creation app for your iPad.    It gives you the ability to produce, manipulate, and playback scores.  Its sampled instruments were recorded by The London Symphony Orchestra and you can expand this library via app-store purchase.  The stock sounds are decent giving you access to several instruments to work with including guitar, electric bass, piano, and various orchestral pieces.

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Looptastic HD on sale for .99 cents until December 30th!‏

Also grüvtron is .99 cents vs. $4.99.

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SoundHound for iPad


SoundHound is a music discovery app for your iPad (iPod Touch and iPhone as well).  SoundHound can listen to any song playing through a speaker and identify it for you in a matter of seconds.  Ever had a song stuck in  your head but you didn’t know the name of it?  Simply sing or hum the tune into SoundHound and the app will identify it for you.

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Vocalive for iPad


Vocalive is a sound recording and effects processing app for the iPad.  While it’s main focus is the recording and manipulation of vocals, other sounds can be recorded and processed as well.  The iPad version of this software comes housed with vocal effects like Pitch Fix (vocal tuning),  Choir (harmonizer), Morph (tonal modifier),  and Double (sound doubler).

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Steinway Etude for iPad


Ever wish you could read and interpret sheet music?  This tends to be a dilemma for the majority of us who didn’t grow up taking lessons or join the high school band when we should have. I know this to be true because I am one of these people.  I have a good insight on musical theory and I produce music full time for a living (Pop, Hip Hop, and RnB), but put me in front of sheet music and I’m about as useful as a sprinter with two left feet running circles around his elbow just to scratch is backside.

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Introducing VocalizeU for iPad


VocalizeU is a comprehensive vocal suite for singers most noted for its vocal assessment and training regiments to help vocalists improve their performance.  Owners of this app can run through different vocal tests to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and then get feedback, as well as, a customized exercise program to make improvements.  Sounds pretty cool right?

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bleep!Box for iPad



bleep!Box is a music production suite for your iPad.  It’s comes housed with a sequencer, a synthesizer, and a drum machine.  It’s noted for its quality sounds, which is rare in the world of iOS.  I would say that the sounds are more tailored to the modern electronic producer than say a Hip Hop producer, but Hip-Hop-heads looking to create some quirky tunes will enjoy this app.

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