iPad Music Utilities

iTrack Solo for iPad


iTrack Solo provides iOS users with a high quality recording experience.  Essentially, it’s a two channel audio interface that connects to your iPad.  It’s also compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, which allows you to get some extra bang for your buck.


The built-in preamp is where the quality comes from.  It’s the same preamp Focusrite uses in their Saffire and Scarlett interfaces.

Direct Monitoring is a neat function that helps you avoid any latency problems.  It allows your audio signal to bypass your iPad and run directly to your speakers or headphones while recording.


The outer casing is solid, and the unit as a whole, is well constructed.  iTrack Solo retails for about $159 (this could change based on the retailer).  If you’re looking for a high quality recording experience for iOS, then take a look at iTrack Solo.


SpeakerAngle for iPad

For studio engineers, speaker setup and placement is extremely important.  It can mean the difference in a quality mix.  With that in mind, Genelec has developed an app to aid you in the process.  SpeakerAngle for iPad assists you in monitor and surround sound setups for optimal performance.


SpeakerAngle works by setting your iPad on top of your speakers.  You designate a straight forward position, and then the app guides you within industry recommendations – eventually getting your speakers matched in angling.


This is a neat app for engineers that travel and work in many different locations.  If you’re ever working in a new spot and something sounds off, you could start by using SpeakerAngle to evaluate the monitor setup.  If something isn’t right, you can tweak it and get back to work.


For $1, SpeakerAngle is worth checking out.

Beatsurfing for iPad


Tired of conventional MIDI controllers?  Looking for more abstract ways to create music?  Beatsurfing just might be the app you’re looking for.  It allows you to build your own customized MIDI controller directly within your iPad.  You have complete control over what goes where and how much space that particular object occupies.  Shapes like circles, lines, polygons and more can be drawn in and assigned to trigger various sets of sounds.  In depth control of Object Behavior allows groups of sounds to react in very specific manners within relation to each other.


You can link BeatSurfing to any MIDI compatible device, whether it be software or hardware, giving you lots of flexibility.  It works great with Logic Pro and we’re sure it works well with other DAW’s.  It’s also worth mentioning that the app responds to touch very well.


There’s a bit of a learning curve involved with Beatsurfing, but those who stick with it are highly rewarded for their efforts.  This is a really neat app that we’d encourage any iPad music maker to check out.



inHarmony for iPad


inHarmony is an app focused on simplifying music composition by taking much of the guesswork out of musical theory.  It’s designed to be a MIDI keyboard that allows you to work with your DAW.  Once your MID setup is complete, you can choose from any diatonic scale and the app will appropriate the chords in that scale for you.  You can then trigger these chords by touch – selecting from 2, 3, and 4 note chords.


It could easily be considered an educational tool as well.  People less adept to music theory will start to learn scales and common chord progressions that go well together.


Not every music producer is a keyboard virtuoso either.  With inHarmony you can trigger an entire chord with one touch, which makes playing complex chord progressions much easier as well.


The MIDI setup takes a bit of work, but for $2 this is a cool app that many music producers could benefit from.


Newzik HD for iPad


Newzik HD (formally known as SyncSing HD) is a mobile song and notation book.  It gives you the ability to store lyrics, chord progressions, various files and more.   You can organize comprehensive playlists and the app’s synch-able capabilities are a major plus for bands with multiple iPads.  With one iPad set as a master and other iPads synced to it, everybody can stay on the same page.  This makes it great for learning new material.


Other notable features include: synchronized scrolling of scores, karaoke mode, and being able to change pages by the tap of your foot (in case you don’t have hands available).


We’ve heard of a few instability issues, but did we mention the app is free?


If you’re looking for a way to organize a database of songs, with intricate details about those songs, then take a look at Newzik HD for iPad.

Liine Lemur for the iPad


Since its conception, the iPad has always had the potential to be a great mobile controller.  This potential is finally coming to fruition, thanks to companies like Liine who are converting their legendary hardware into an iOS format.


The Lemur is a welcomed addition to the world of iOS.  It draws on a lot of traits that make the hardware so popular. Any software or hardware that can be controlled by MIDI/OSC can be controlled by Lemur. This makes it an extremely powerful tool for DJ’s, producers, and engineers a like.


Lemur has core MIDI support and can even let you control up to 8 computers at one time.  Template creation and sharing are also valuable assets to this program.


With this app you have the ability to control anything you want – so long as it’s MIDI/ OSC compliant.  The thing that catches us off guard is the $50 price tag, which makes it one of the most expensive music apps we’ve come across.  While it may be an app of great detail, there are a lot of other controller apps that only cost a fraction of the price.

Be sure to do your research and make sure this is a ‘must have’ before you drop the big bucks!


TouchOSC for iPad


TouchOSC is an app that turns your iPad into a modular control surface.  It uses Open Sound Control (OSC) to communicate with compatible DAW’s and software via WIFI.


Setting up the app can be a bit tricky, but they do have some documentation and installation help available.  Once installed, you have complete control over the program you’re communicating with.    For example, when synced to a DAW, you can adjust track levels, inserts and effects, pan information and much more.

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SampleWiz for iPad


SampleWiz is a unique sampling app for the iPad.  It offers three different sampling modes:


Classic – sample playback will speed up or slow down according to change in pitch.

Granular – adjust the grain size and speed while the range of notes maintain the same speed.

Modern – adjust formant and time to preserve the speed of a sample despite changes in pitch


Recording samples is extremely easy. The setup and workflow of SampleWiz makes multisampling a breeze too.  You can record samples through the built in mic or even import your own via iTunes file sharing.


The app also comes with a collection of synth sounds from Jordan Rudess’ personal collection.

Having trouble learning the app?  The onboard help screen breaks it all down for you.


If you’re looking for innovative methods of sampling and sound creation, then SampleWiz has what you’re looking for.  Be sure to check it out.


Studio Connect for iPad


Studio Connect is an iPad stand that gives you the ability to hook up instruments and MIDI (input/output) controllers to your iPad.  It’s mono 1/4″ input allows you to hook up guitar or bass and record them directly into the music-making app of your choice. Continue reading

Guitar World Lick Of The Day


Guitar World Lick Of The Day is an educational guitar app designed for guitarist looking to improve their skills.  It provides you with daily challenges, lessons, and instructions from world class guitar players to help take your abilities to the next level.

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