iPad Multitrackers

Pro Keys for iPad


Pro Keys is a multi instrument and recording tool for singers, songwriters, and musicians.  With the ability to record vocals this app is somewhat of a simple DAW.  The majority of the sounds revolve around different key instruments (piano, Rhodes, B3, etc.).  You’ll get a dual keyboard interface for playing and each keyboard can have a separate sound allowing you to play two different instruments at one time.  It’s also worth mentioning that the app responds to touch very well.

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Tabletop for iPad


Introducing Tabletop, a music production and remixing app for disc jockeys and producers alike.  Tabletop is a great production workstation because of it’s extensive number of tools (for iOS) and the ability to mix and route these devices within the app. Retronyms (the developer) call this program an audio playground and I think that description is dead on.  You can choose from mixers, samplers, effects, sequencers, and expand your options even further with the purchase of app store additions.

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BeatPad 3.3 for iPad


Here’s a snippet of a cool beat made using BeatPad 3.3


BeatPad 3.3 ($6.99) is a drum machine with a built-in 4 track audio recorder for you iPad. The newest version comes with more sounds than its predecessor and even boasts a slightly cheaper price tag (supposedly).

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Apple Garageband for iPad

Garageband for the iPad is a fun, mobile, musical tool.  It doesn’t have the in-depth capabilities of a major desktop DAW, but is still very effective  and cool within its own realm.


It is perhaps the most fun and easiest to use.  A person with little if any musical talent could still have fun creating music with Apple’s Garageband for iPad and make some decent tunes too.


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