iPad Multitrackers

vjay for iPad


vjay is an app that allows you to creatively bring together audio and video clips to create an authentic media experience.  You can create your own music videos, mash up different songs, and more.


It comes with a wealth of features like the ability to loop, cue, and slice audio and video; real time effects; customized video transitions; Video scratch; Auto Gain; Auto Sync, and Beat Matching.


While vjay is a feature-laden, innovative app for the iPad, it also has some kinks that need to be worked out.  Most notable, is the fact is doesn’t handle 1080HD.


With that being said, this is still a revolutionary app for the iPad.  Algoriddim has clearly put a lot of time into creating it, so we’re confident that updates will bring many welcomed additions and improvements.


It’s on sale for $9.99, but we’re not sure how long the sale will last.

Meteor for iPad


Meteor is a multi-track workstation for the the iPad.  It gives you the ability to record and mix up to 12 tracks.  It houses a rich collection of features like importing and exporting MIDI files, Pasteboard support,  sample importing, effects processing and more.

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Recorder Master by Joy Tunes

Recorder Master is a musical video game for you iPad2.  It uses a plastic flute as a controller for interacting with the game.  You have 30 levels to work through; each level presents its own challenge.  The game is designed to teach you different skill sets like improving rhythm timing and ear training.

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Rhythm Studio for iPad


Rhythm Studio is an electronic music production app for your iPad.  It houses a 4-track recorder alongside a collection of vintage synthesizers and drum machines.  All of the app’s virtual instruments and processors aim for that ‘hardware’ feel and simplicity; one knob controls one parameter.

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iMaschine for iPad


iMaschine is a beat making app developed by Native Instruments.  It’s an iOS emulation of Maschine, which is a popular groove production suite.  The app comes with 25 kits and over 400 individual samples.  Lay down beats using velocity sensitive drum pads and various effects.  You can also record your own samples directly within iMaschine.  Continue reading

StudioTrack for iPad


StudioTrack is a multi-track recorder and mixer for your iPad.  It allows you to record and import audio files that can then be mixed using its on board effects processors.  You’ll get a Compressor, Parametric EQ, Tempo-synced Delay, and Reverb available for each track.  StudioTrack allows for a maximum of 8 tracks with a flexible ‘bounce’ feature to consolidate certain tracks and create more track space within the app.  An audio pasteboard feature is cool as it makes this app compatible with over 70 other apps.  Also, WIFI sync allows you to import any mix or individual track to a computer, which is always nice.

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SampleTank Comes To iPad


I first bought SampleTank (the desktop version) about 3 years ago.  It was a solid workstation back then, so I was excited to hear it was making its way into iOS.  After getting some experience with the app, what stood out the most are the quality of the sounds and the amount of sounds it comes with.  You’ll get 136 instruments with the opportunity to expand with additional purchases.  These expansions are reasonably priced at $4.99 and compliment the program nicely.

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Rockmate for iPad


Rockmate is a unique audio scratchpad that allows several people to play the app’s  on board instruments at the same time.  This means I can play the keys, you can hop on the drums and Freddy can play some rhythm guitar for us all at once.   Try wrapping your head around an iPad rock band that only uses 1 iPad…

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NanoStudio for iPad


NanoStudio became known for its success on the iPhone as being one of the best music making apps in 2010, but the iPad makes even better use of this software because of a bigger screen.  There are a lot of reasons why this feature-laden program is a special one.  First and foremost, the depth of NanoStudio, makes it one of the most complete iOS production app’s available.

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Studio Mini XL for iPad


Studio Mini XL is an 8 track recording studio for your iPad.  It is the bigger brother of Studio Mini, which is virtually the same other than being a 4 track recorder with a slightly cheaper price tag.  The XL version comes with a host of useful features like a ‘count in’ function for recording, the ability to import and export 16 bit / 44.1 kHz WAVE files, a drum loop section with 70+ drum loops spanning a wide range of musical genres,  the ability to monitor your input levels while recording, latency compensation, audio sync, iTunes file sharing, WIFI sync and more.  The app’s Notes section also allows you to input, organize, and keep track of lyric ideas, which is great when you get that sudden inspiration for an awesome idea.

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