iPad Hardware Controller

iTrack Solo for iPad


iTrack Solo provides iOS users with a high quality recording experience.  Essentially, it’s a two channel audio interface that connects to your iPad.  It’s also compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, which allows you to get some extra bang for your buck.


The built-in preamp is where the quality comes from.  It’s the same preamp Focusrite uses in their Saffire and Scarlett interfaces.

Direct Monitoring is a neat function that helps you avoid any latency problems.  It allows your audio signal to bypass your iPad and run directly to your speakers or headphones while recording.


The outer casing is solid, and the unit as a whole, is well constructed.  iTrack Solo retails for about $159 (this could change based on the retailer).  If you’re looking for a high quality recording experience for iOS, then take a look at iTrack Solo.


iRig Keys for iPad

iRig KEYS with iPad

iRig Keys is a portable MIDI controller for the iPad.  It’s also compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and standard Mac/PC operating systems.  The keyboard spans 3 octaves and has your standard pitch bending and modulation wheels.  It has an input option for sustain and expression pedals as well.


You can create up to four of your own customizable sets, adjust key sensitivity, and more.  Ultra-low power consumption is a big plus for iOS users.


If you’ve ever used an iPad or iPhone to make music, you know that trying to play a small touch screen keyboard can be difficult.  Having a MIDI keyboard takes care of that problem.  The fact that iRig Keys is also compliant with Mac and PC, means you’ll get one MIDI controller that you can use any situation.


iDJ Pro for iPad

The iDJ Pro is an iPad based DJ controller.  Its dual platter setup allows you to insert your iPad into the center of the unit for direct access to its touch screen layout.  With your iPad locked in, you can pull up a DJ app and use it to interact with the controller.


Algoriddim’s djay app is set up specifically for this purpose and seems to work well with the iDJ Pro.  However, it is worth noting that there are other DJ apps you can use as well.


We wouldn’t consider the iDJ Pro an overwhelmingly feature-laden controller, but for iOS it makes some serious strides toward that outcome.  The Airplay features have a lot of potential as they allow you to maximize the wireless capabilities of your iPad for the benefit your set.


iDJ Pro is certainly a step in the right direction for DJ’s looking to make serious use of their iPad.  If you fit that bill then we recommend you check it out.

Introducing the Akai MPC Fly


The Akai MPC Fly is an integrative beat controller for your iPad 2.  It works hand in hand with Akai’s MPC app to bring you a complete production experience.  Those of you that like the classic workflow of an MPC drum machine will appreciate this hardware the most. If you do a lot of traveling with your iPad  you will definitely make use of the protective casing that the MPC Fly provides as well.

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