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StompBox for iPad

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StompBox is a digital effects unit for the iPad.  It comes with a whole slew of effects ranging from delay to pitch shifting.  You’ll also get 7 different types of distortion for creating those extra grimy tones.  The 4 track recorder is ideal for looping backing tracks and you can easily sort through presets using your feet (in the event that your hands aren’t available).


While StomBox is clearly geared toward acoustic and electric guitar, it’s also very effective for bass – delivering clean, bold tones. The user interface is easy on the eyes and responds to touch well.


There have been some instability issues, but we’re confident that 4Pockets (the developer) will iron out those wrinkles.  If you need some quality effects processors, this isn’t a bad way to go.

Amplitube Fender 1.2 (update) for iPad


Amplitube Fender is at the forefront of guitar amp software for iOS.  Its ultra clean tone has made it an immensely popular program despite its moderately hefty price tag ($14.99 not including add-ons).  We’ve covered Amplitube Fender and it’s features in a previous article, but the recent update brings about some welcomed additions worth mentioning.


For starters, it now comes with complete MIDI support; giving you another way to manage and navigate through the app.  This is particularly useful for live performance situations when your hands might not always be available.  The new recording and mixing section has been redesigned; offering more flexibility and options than its somewhat clunky predecessor.  It’s a lot easier to compose and arrange complete productions.  Audio Copy/Paste is another vital addition.  Its exporting options now include Soundcloud and FTP.


The one thing about Amplitube Fender 1.2 is that it still only comes with a single track recorder.  In order to get the most out of this app, you’ll have to upgrade to the 8-track recorder, which will cost you another $14.99.  With that being said, if you’re looking to get professional use out of your iPad, this guitar amp software is as good as they come for iOS standards.


Amplitube Slash for iPad


Many musicians are familiar with Amplitube.  It has earned a reputation for being one of the best guitar amp and effects emulators available on the market today.  With that being said, IK Multimedia is back at it again.  They’ve teamed up with legendary guitarist Slash (Guns ‘n’ Roses) to bring you an excellent addition to the Amplitube family.


Available for $9.99, Amplitube Slash comes with 6 stomp boxes, 2 amplifiers, and 30 presets that are modeled after Slash’s signature sound.  Preset management is easy to navigate through, and the sound quality is excellent for iOS standards.


It only comes stocked with a single track recorder, but if you’re familiar with IK’s approach to iOS, you know they always get you with a few add-ons.  A four track recorder with mastering effects is available via app store purchase.


With flexible import/export options and audio copy/paste features, this is an excellent app for guitarists on the go.  Be sure to check it out!


Amplitube 2 for iPad


Released late last year by IK Multimedia this iPad music app has been gaining steam ever since.  Now bolstering even more features than its highly respected predecessor – Amplitube 2 – is more powerful than ever.


My first experience with Amplitube was several years ago when I purchased it as an audio processing plug-in for my DAW.  It was a good multi-effects processor for guitar then and is an even better one now. The simple the fact that I can have access to it on an iPad, which I can easily take anywhere, is super cool.

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