iPad Beatmaker Apps

Voxkit for iPad


Voxkit is a MIDI drum controller for the iPad.  The thing that makes Voxkit different is the ability to trigger notes by sound.  You can assign a certain drum sound to trigger when you clap your hands, bang on a table, etc.


Let’s say for example, you are a drummer and you want to lay down a snare roll for your groove.  Assign your snare to be triggered when you tap your drum stick on a desk surface.  Then, record enable Voxkit and start tapping out your snare roll.  Voxkit will recognize it, translate it to MIDI data and add it to your existing groove.


Voxkit also has standard drum pads you can use, but its uniqueness lies in its ability to let you trigger notes in more abstract ways.  This is a cool app worth taking a look at – especially for the price ($1).  Be sure to check it out.



Rhythm Pad for iPad


Rhythm Pad is a drum machine app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  It comes in a conventional drum machine layout with a series of drum pads and a preset library of drum kits.  The kits range from acoustic to more abstract kits like Trip Hop and Chemical.


Notable features include: realistic hi-hat expression, position sensitive pads (sound louder when struck in the center), independent volume control for each pad, looping control and adjustable time signature settings.


There are two versions of Rhythm pad available – a free version with advertisements and another version for $2.99 without the advertisements.


This is a cool app worth checking out.  Our only gripe is that it’s missing the ability to record and export work, but hopefully an update will bring those vital necessities.

iMaschine for iPad

iMaschine is a beat sketchpad for your iPad.  It comes with 25 kits, over 400 drum samples and in-app expansion purchases that allow for a growing library collection.  You have the ability to record your own samples and to create your own custom kits as well.   The sounds are great and laying down ideas is a breeze.


Other notable features include Keyboard mode (for playing some bass and melodic riffs); Note Repeat and the ability to import your own 16-bit wave files.


If you don’t know already, iMaschine is an iOS version of Maschine, which comes as a hardware/software bundle to create the ultimate drum creation experience.  While iMaschine is nowhere near as feature-laden as Maschine (from Native Instruments), it still carries a lot of the traits that made its predecessor so popular.


Purchasing this app is pretty much a no-brainer for people looking to get quality musical use out of their iPad.

BeatMaker 2 for iPad


BeatMaker 2 is a mobile music creation platform for the iPad.  It relies on a multi-track sequencer for pattern arrangement and song building.   Its sample editing and extensive sequencing capabilities make it quite the feature-laden program.

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Propellerhead drops Figure for iOS

Figure is a beat-making app for the iPad.  It’s specifically designed for mobile users and is simple enough for someone with little (if any) musical ability to use.  You get 3 tracks to work with choosing from bass, drums, and lead synth. Continue reading

Polychord 2 for iPad


There’s not a lot to say about this app, but sometimes less is more. Polychord’s simplicity and ease of use make it an extremely efficient working machine that allows you to create, record, and share music.  It doesn’t come jam packed with a million features that you will probably never use.  It’s just a straight forward music making app that delivers quality results for any aspiring musician.

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Rhythm Studio for iPad


Rhythm Studio is an electronic music production app for your iPad.  It houses a 4-track recorder alongside a collection of vintage synthesizers and drum machines.  All of the app’s virtual instruments and processors aim for that ‘hardware’ feel and simplicity; one knob controls one parameter.

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Xewton Music Studio 2 for iPad


Music Studio 2 is a complete production suite for your iPad.  One of things I like most about this app is its sound selection.  The sounds are extremely versatile and Hip Hop friendly, which isn’t always a common occurrence in the iOS music making world.


Music Studio 2 expands what was already an extremely powerful production environment.  Things like microphone recording, audio tracks, 127-track sequencer, and audio copy/paste functions only sweeten this deal.  The app comes with 100 drum loops, 65 built-in instruments and the ability to purchase additional instruments in the app store.


Detailed editing allows you to tweak anything from individual tracks to individual MIDI notes.  Transfer your files to your computer via iTunes.


Music Studio 2 offers support for CoreMIDI (in and out), Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer, Akai SynthStation 25, iRig, iRig Mic, iRig MIDI, Ampkit Link, Apogee Jam, Blue Mikey, Alesis IO Dock and iConnectMIDI.


This is a quality app for a serious music maker.  It has all of the components of a Major DAW and is arguably one of the most well-rounded we’ve seen.  Be sure to check out Music Studio 2!


ThumbJam for iPad

ThumbJam is a music production app for iPad.  It comes with over 30 instruments meant to span a wide range of genres.  Choose from many different scales, lock in  your song key and never play a bad note.  Thumbjam also makes use of the iPad’s position and movement to give your performances more realism.  Tilt and shake your iPad to create various expressive effects like vibrato.

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iMaschine for iPad


iMaschine is a beat making app developed by Native Instruments.  It’s an iOS emulation of Maschine, which is a popular groove production suite.  The app comes with 25 kits and over 400 individual samples.  Lay down beats using velocity sensitive drum pads and various effects.  You can also record your own samples directly within iMaschine.  Continue reading